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Framed Rose

I just really wanted to draw a rose overlapping an ornate frame with bold, black lines. I was considering doing some stained glass type elements so I pinned some roses, stained glass windows, and frames.

I did some sketches but the one I ended up choosing (#2) was the closest in my mind to what I had originalyl envisioned (using the spiky rose to help me draw it correctly):

The idea of working on a drawing for 8 hours completely exhausted me, so I just told myself to work on it for about as long as I could, which was a little less than 3 hours. Here is my final sketch:

And now I'm playing with color and texture and stuff. I think I need to go out and collect some of my own textures, as using stuff from the Internet just feels like cheating to me (although I am digging the galaxy background).

None of this is final just yet but I wanted to get my project out there for the feedback session. I want it to be very graphic and bold. Excited to see the work that everyone else is doing!


Okay, been working at this and here is what I've got. I used all of my own textures and ended up doing a lot of digital painting so that made me feel better.

I kind of like it as it is but I suppose I should push myself to do something different with it and get another one or two versions out there.


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