Frame of View: Custom Wood Frames for your favorite photos

This project aims to document and deliver beautifully handcrafted frames for all people. 

Over the last year, I became disgruntled trying to find quality frames for my photographs, my only options seemed to be over-priced cheap chinese frames from mega retailers, or custom frame solutions that were way out of my budget.... I wanted a simple clean maple or walnut frame...why not make it myself!  This hobby turned into an idea to make these frames available to others that may want minimalist and beautifully crafted frames for there photos or art. 

Each frame will come with photo documentation of it's creation

Everyone seems to have photographs, art work, or cool things they want framed. Aspiring Artists, photographers and instagram enthusiasts want to proudly display there favorite works, why not display it in a quality American-built frame? Show your works some love, while not breaking the bank.  


What are frame sizes that would interest you?

Do you have works that you would want to frame? Or would get excited to frame if you have a unique frame?

Update: Questions: February 19, 2013

What is the price range you would pay for a 8x10 maple frame?

How about a 11x14 maple frame?

In addition to the frame is there an incentive in paying more for flow glass or a matte option?



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