Fragile: Character Study

Name: Tessa Willow

- i chose the last name because of the willow tree and it also creates who Tessa is

  • Tess - to kids @ orphanage and Alex (friend and also principal)
  • Little missy - to Mason (Josh’s uncle, owner of cafe/bar)



  • dark brown hair ( longish - slightly past shoulders, wavy at the ends)  -- mostly let down but occasionally ties up into ponytail
  • brown eyes
  • 5'6 ( has a little bit of muscle, less toned)
  • has a small scar above her eyebrow ( from an accident -- when she was young)



  • doesn't know how to express herself properly
  • uses aloofness as a defense mechanism
  • closed off --> only trusts those she doesn't see as a threat
  • rather independent
  • caring ( eg: she makes sure the kids are properly fed)
  • Strong: she doesn’t let what others think affect her, she’s comfortable with herself


Habits/ mannerisms:

  • finds parks comforting -- one of very few good memories shared with her mother
  • doesn't depend on other people much
  • pushes people away



  • got abandoned @ an orphanage by her mother when she was 6
  • moved around from foster home to foster home
    • her childhood wish of her mother eventually coming for her



  • isn't used to people being around her


Internal conflict:

  • gets close to Ryan and his family but starts to push away due to her fear of being abandoned
  • Starting to have feelings for Josh and Ryan
    • confused about feelings for Ryan → he has a girlfriend and treats her (Tessa) nicely
    • Josh: doesn’t know what she’s feeling
  • Ryan and his family treat her like she’s part of them
  • Wants to move out but doesn’t realise that she’s already so comfortable with his family