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Target Audience:

Werewolf lovers, Young Adults 18-25 years old. 

One Line:

When death claims a mate, it can have a devastating impact. Logan knows, all too well, the pain of that loss. After losing the love of his life and several pack members in an unprovoked attack from a neighboring pack, Logan struggles with the emotional impact of it all. What happens when an already vulnerable pack, is led by an even more, vulnerable alpha? Will he be the exception to the rule and carry on living, leading his pack.... or will a new threat cause them to crumble alongside him?


 Logan Blackwell had it all, an amazing pack and a loving wife. Until an unprovoked attack from a neighboring pack changed everything. With the death of his mate and his pack weakened, Logan struggles to lead his pack and heal his broken heart, while protecting his pack from a new threat.

Being forced to reach out to the man who is trying to steal his pack from under him, Logan is faced with a lose-lose situation. Promise his pack to the one person he detests more than anyone or allow them to face an uncertain fate.  

Along the way, he finds himself doing the impossible, falling in love all over again. But the young alpha will soon learn things are not always as they seem when he discovers the woman he is falling for isn’t who he thought she was, and close friends are revealed to be even bigger foes.

Logan will have to determine who he can trust, and if he can really move on. Most importantly, he will have to decide what he is willing to sacrifice to protect the only thing he has left, his pack.


Sample Pages:


"I'm sorry, I am so sorry," I sobbed kneeling beside her. "Please just hold on for a little while longer. Help is coming, I promise." My voice broke, coming out strained and desperate. I was desperate, though. How could I not be? Desperate for this to be an awful nightmare, desperate to save my mate. Her body laid before me, bloodied and mangled. The ground beneath her slowly becoming saturated, stained by the crimson liquid.

The mixture of blood, dirt and sweat that marred my face had been long forgotten. I didn't care that I was completely naked or that my leg was surely broken. Nothing mattered, nothing except her. The sight of her beautiful heart-shaped face, which was slowly turning ghastly white, caused pain like nothing I had ever felt. It ripped through me from my gut right into my chest. I hadn't gotten to her in time. Guilt overwhelmed me, as more tears pooled in my eyes.

I peered around the small clearing, overgrown with an array of wildflowers, in hopes of finding help, even though I knew there would be none. The forest was unnaturally quiet, not even the rustling of leaves could be heard. The cold autumn wind ceased its brutal assault as if it too, knew the graveness of the situation.

Looking back down at her, I was devastated to see the sheer amount of blood still gushing from her wound. The bright red liquid began seeping from between her parted lips, the rising and falling of her chest slowed dramatically. Her golden hair was splayed out around her, tangled with dirt, blood, and leaves. A shaky hand lightly cupped my cheek. Her fingers were cold, much colder than they should have been. She offered me a weak smile though it failed to reach her eyes.

Suddenly the thundering sound of paws pounding against the forest floor could be heard in the distance, breaking the stark silence. Moments later I felt the pushing in the back of my mind, but I wouldn't let them in. Opening the link would allow them to sense the emotions running through me, and I couldn't allow my pack to feel the anguish I was experiencing. They were moving fast, pushing their bodies to the limit. She was nearly as important to them as she was to me. They didn't want to lose their Luna.

"Logan, it's going to be o-okay," Olivia choked out in a whisper. I wanted to tell her not to speak, not to waste her energy, but I couldn't. I needed to hear her soothing, loving voice one last time.

"I know baby. You're going to make it, just stay with me a little longer, help is nearly here," I said.

In a panic, I bolted upright, my body becoming entangled within the thin linen sheets. For a moment, I was baffled by the sight of my dimly lit bedroom. My eyes automatically darted to the other side of the bed. Empty. The same as it had been every morning for the last few years. Unable to ward off the hollowness I felt inside, I relinquished all hope for a restful sleep.

Lazily, I stumbled out of bed and shuffled towards the bathroom. The cold hardwood floor against my bare feet caused a shiver to run through me as I approached the sink. Slowly taking in my appearance in the mirror, it was easy to see how much my features had changed since Olivia's death. My face was covered with stubble, which was something she would have never tolerated. I smiled a little thinking of how she despised even the slightest facial hair. The black hair atop my head was becoming far too long for my liking - and hers. I needed to make a mental note to get it cut, although I likely wouldn't get around to it. 

My body was much scrawnier than it had been, and the bones had become slightly more visible beneath my tanned skin, which could be attributed to my lack of eating. I wasn't living anymore, merely surviving. Not looking forward to feeling the cold air on my wet skin I decide to forgo a shower and half ass my way through getting ready for the day.

Even after all the time that had passed the ache was still there, but it was the reliving it that was the most unbearable part. In the beginning, I relished in my nightmares. I used to kid myself, believing that seeing her, even if only in my sleep, was better than nothing, but every time I awoke was like failing her all over again.

"Morning Alpha," Griffin said with a mock salute after he sauntered into my bedroom. I couldn't help the slight smirk that made its way onto my face as I walked back into the room. The man had yet to learn the meaning of knocking.

"To what do I owe the displeasure of your company?" I jokingly asked while rummaging through my dresser for a clean shirt. There wasn't much to pick from, the overflowing hamper beside me could attest to that.

"Well," he drawled out, with his signature mischievous grin. "I thought it was my duty to inform you that your desk is about to collapse from the sheer weight of all the paperwork you have yet to finish going through. I mean, I know I'm amazing and all, but I can't do everything around here," he said, overly dramatic, as he threw himself onto my unmade bed.

Griffin tried to help, but truthfully, he didn't understand what I was going through. He couldn't; he had never lost a mate. In fact, Griffin had yet to find his. He was always joking, he was just too awesome that the Moon Goddess couldn't find a she-wolf who could handle him. Which I believe very well might be true. Granted, I didn't really believe in the legend of the Moon Goddess

"So you're bored then?" I asked already know that was the reason for his visit.

"Yes," he answered the same way someone might say duh. "Asher decided to flake off today." That didn't sound like Asher actually that sounded more like Griffin.

"Where to?" I asked shoving him off of my bed. He rolled ungracefully onto the floor his head nearly colliding with the small nightstand.

"He's off training a couple of guards or so he says." Griffins knows Asher probably better than even I do. So he knows without question that is exactly what Asher is doing, but of course, he's mad that he got stuck doing all the paperwork. "You know if you wanted it rough, you only needed ask." He said out of nowhere once he got to his feet.

Rolling my eyes as I walked toward the door, I didn't bother responding to his lewd comment. Anything I would say would only be twisted into something just as crude if not worse. It was best to ignore him and is exactly what I did closing the door behind me.


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