Foxy Shazam

For my project, I am going to create a post for one of my favorite booty-shaking rock bands, Foxy Shazam.  I was hooked from the moment I saw the video for "I Like It" and the rest is history.  They are a cross between old school rock and soul with a sprinkle of Queen.  They have no genre, they don't fit into anywhere, and they like it that way. 

I plan on exploring some concepts, some of them may be church related, like a stained glass window or two, using the personas in the band as icons since each member of the band is like a little character on their own, or using some 70's themed imagery ala rock bands from that era.  Or i may come up with more, I'm not sure.  Sketches to come.

Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll, it's gonna be one Hell of a ride.


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