Foxy Girl


I have always loved Camilla's work, so had to do this class.

First time drawing in this style! I draw more whimsical faces, which you can see come through.

Foxy Girl - image 1 - student projectFoxy Girl - image 2 - student projectFoxy Girl - image 3 - student projectSo have taken inspiration from two games, hair is based on  Isabelle from Animal Crossing, she has a purple and blue eye with spiral pupils like Rikku  from FFX.
Foxy Girl - image 4 - student project
Foxy Girl - image 5 - student projectThank you for the tip about the brush for rubber dust, i have started using a spare sponge brush now. 
Foxy Girl - image 6 - student project

After i finished i realised i should of gave her a second tail, like Tails from Sonic.









After doing this course i came up with what i call my Curio Girls.

Below is my latest, Koi Curio Girl.

Foxy Girl - image 7 - student projectThank you Camilla for being such a inspiration.