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Fox over the Moon.

Hi guys,

I choose Quiet as my theme for the illustration and I'm exited about it  because I like too much my sketch, I can't wait to see how is gonna be finished!

During my brainstoming I came out with some words, things that means to me QUIET, such as sky, ocean, forest, light, the end I choose few of them to start to work, Moon, Sad, White, Water, Fox, Trees and in the final round I keep with me just three of them, Moon, White and Fox.

I choose Moon and Fox because I think that the moon for example is something that is up there, alone, quiet, observing everything during the night. And about the Fox I choose it because was the first animal which came to my mind, is such a quiet and clever animal! White is about minimal, I want a minimal finish in the illustration.

I've done some sketches as you can see in the pictures and right now I'm trying to digitalize everything and put on it some color and textures, I will post the final result as soon I'm pleased with it :D

Thank you very much, and fell free to comment everything,

PD: Sorry about my English is not my first language :D


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