Fox in the Meadow

Fox in the Meadow - student project


Made minor changes to the chest and whiskers. Thanks again for the feedback everyone!

Fox in the Meadow - image 1 - student project



Based on the feedback I recieved, I made the following changes:

  • Added black to the tail
  • Rotated the paw so it feels more like it is peeking out of the acorn
  • Added a sixth icon of the fox chest
  • Rotated the nose and added wiskers

I'm not sure if these would benefit from texture or shading. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

Fox in the Meadow - image 2 - student project



Requested feedback:

1. Suggestions on how to incorporate some black into the fox tail icon

2. Possible ideas for a sixth icon

Fox in the Meadow - image 3 - student project

Fox in the Meadow - image 4 - student project

I would still like to add some subtle texture to them in the next phase. Let me know what you think!



My goal is to create a series of icons to use on our Foxmeadow Creative website.

I started with a word map around "meadow" and found that there were a lot of animals to work with.

Fox in the Meadow - image 5 - student project

My initial thought was to create an icon for each of our product offerings (branding, print and web) using an animal to represent them but that left me with three more icons that would eventually need created. I thought about adding our process as well, but in the end it felt too forced and not as purposeful as I had hoped. 

Fox in the Meadow - image 6 - student project

After doing some additional research, I decided to go with a more unique shape and chose an acorn. Then I decided to just focus on the fox and create icons based on different parts of its body. (My hope is to make these more geometrical and less "cute.")

Fox in the Meadow - image 7 - student project