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Fox and letter R

My fox logo. I did do a mood board before doing the sketches. My mood board helped me narrow down images, and colors. I even breifly thought about fonts that could be used. I did close to 50 sketches and switched images. So I did 100 sketches all together. Here is my mood board as well.

With my letter I choose the letter R. I realized after creating my letter that I should have made it more simplistic or using positive negative space. However this is what I created and I have thought of revistiing this assingment since I have plenty of time lately. Here is my R sketches and the final first version. i'm used to doing lots of sketches so this has been a fun project for me. 

After doing this letter R I decided to revisit the project. Here is my new sketch and letter form I created. 

I went with the first small letter are in the third row. Here is my finalized version.

I choose to alter the finalized version from the origional sketch some because the negative space created by the inside loop was not pleasing to me. I much more like the tear drop shapes that are now formed y the loop and the inside of the R. 


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