Fox and foliage in gouache styles

Fox and foliage in gouache styles - student project

Loved the course and the project idea! Here are my attempts: 

The first one is in watercolor style. I went a bit overboard with the blending and layering and messed up. Also, I wish I did not put such a strong border to the foxie. Still, enjoyed this style and like the result.

My most favorite style is the illustration style (middle one). Enjoyed this the most and love the outcome the most out of these 3 attempts.

And the rightmost one is the blended acrylic/oil like look. Again, messed up a bit and some parts could definitely be blended better. But again, love the output nevertheless :D 


Fox and foliage in gouache styles - image 1 - student project

Lammim Ahad
Artist, astronomer, author