Fox and Flowers...

Hello everybody!!!
To be honest at the beginning I thought that this course would be very simple, without much information.... So I asked me: hmmm this will work? with only a few minutes of class?
But I really liked it, because show the process of create this style of illustration in a clean and fresh way.
You just need to get your idea, and go to try and experiment things...
And the result comes naturally.
So first I decided to try the idea of an animal for a central theme.
I searched some inspiration on the internet, made some simple sketches
And after take the photo of my watercolor and made some adjustments of color/contrast in Photoshop...
Here is the final result:





I really enjoyed the process and the result, so I decided to try another one.
This time with a floral/leafs theme...
And here is:



So, that's it,
Definitely I will try more illustrations in this style.


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