Fox & Wine

Fox & Wine - student project

Hello everyone,

Here's my project for this class! Vanessa's technique is very different from Leah's, I learned a lot. I find it less intuitive but not in a bad way, you just have to take your time and think more about what you're going to do, and I actually discovered I like to work this way. 

Here's the first sketch, I found inspiration from another illustration on Pinterest :

Fox & Wine - image 1 - student project

I don't have Photoshop yet, so I decided to draw something that didn't need a lot of color planning. Here's the color palette:

Fox & Wine - image 2 - student project

And the final piece! I didn't use carbon paper either, because I don't have any, so I drew carefully directly onto the watercolour paper.

Fox & Wine - image 3 - student project

It took me about an hour to do it, between layers. I liked using the peach base, I found it make the painting stand out more on the white background. Hope you guys like it. And thanks Vanessa!

Fox & Wine - image 4 - student project