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Fox Terrier

[Mon 11 Aug] So this is actually my first project here on Skillshare. For this project, I have chosen for a Fox Terrier mark. To get some inspiration for the subject at hand, I browsed through the active logo competitions on DesignCrowd. There I've found a logo contest for a high end dog grooming company. And they're looking for a logo with a Fox Terrier silhouette. Below my starting point: the mood board.

Some of the typical characteristics of Fox Terriers I want to keep visible in the logo:

  1. The typical head shape
  2. It's V alike ears
  3. The coat colors
  4. The tail

[Tue 12 Aug] So I made 30 sketches today whereas my reference image was number 6 above. What a tough job especially with the head of the dog. The ears and mouth are typical to this breed of terriers. I ended up with the following 2 sketches which I will now start digitizing and finetuning into Illustrator.

[Wed 13 Aug] My third day here on Skillshare. Today working on the execution of the brand mark. While I was making the final touches I got the idea to include a second terrier, whereas they meet nose-to-nose (as most dogs do at the time they meet each other!). And due to the grooming business a described in the briefing on DesignCrowd, I've added a comb-alike figure on the back of the lefthand dog.

So now after some hard work, I'm looking forward to feedback of my fellow class members!


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