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Fox Guy

Hello! I'm a couple steps in, and thought I'd share my progress!

I am starting a new story with my co-writer, and this one is going to need quite a few characters to start off with! I have already created five, and I am planning on designing the sixth with the help of this class. Here are the sillhouettes of the already created characters:

There are three girls (left) and two boys (right) and both of the boys are a little sensitive/not very masculine. And while I have various species, they are mostly alien-esque or elemental. I havent made many animal-ish characters before, but I like the big ears and sleek-but-fluffy tails of foxes.... So I wanted to make a boyish, fox-inspired boy with a medium build.

Here are my original thumbs! I found this rather difficult, as he is not a warrior character, and thus doesn't have any weapons/special accessories to  pose with.  But I think I managed okay! And here are the refined versions.

A few character types are pretty appealing to me at this point. I like the skater idea, the more arabic/desertpunk look, and a runner concept the best. Here they are with a few more details!

What do you guys think? I am leaning towards the skater guy at the moment (big hoodies are so cute!! Big shoes! Big ears!) But I also like the desertpunk version... though he definitely needs more accessories. Runner guy feels a bit bland in comparison, though I do love speedsters!!

I would absolutely love any input you guys have, and I look forward to hearing from you! ^_^


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