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Fourth is King



Fourth is King

Brand Name: Fourth is King


Slogan: Made for Us

Based in Chicago, Fourth is King is an independent streetwear brand that designs premium goods with a focus on comfort and simplicity. 

First is the worst
Second is the best
Third is the one with the treasure chest
Fourth is King
Fifth is queen
Sixth is the one in the washing machine

The name Fourth is King combines this old school rhyme with the founder's, James William Byrnes IV, generational title of "IV." 

Icon: "The Amigo" is the mascot for Fourth is King. He has big hair and serves as a symbol of individuality. 

The Goods: Fourth is King targets males between the ages of 14 and 35. Our consumer looks for comfortable fabrics and appreciates our "less is more" approach. Even though we refer to ourselves as streetwear, Fourth is King cant really be defined by one thing. Street, skate, classic and vintage, a little bit of prep... we are a mix and combination of all these styles. Thats what makes us unique. 

The inspiration for this collection came from nature, geometry and sportswear. Our retail pricing is as follows: Tshirts ($32-$42), Hats ($32-$45), Crew Sweatshirts ($55-$65), Long Sleeve Tees ($38), Skatdecks ($55), Pullover Hoodie ($65) and Zip Hoodie ($75).

Fourth is King
Made for Us

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