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Miranda Harper




Four Stages of Traffic Jam Greif

UPDATE: March 4th 2014

Workin on them colors:

UPDATE: March 3rd 2014

I don't know how I will depict the dreaded traffic jam, but I have driver faces as they go through the 4 stages. Rage Blackout (3) is my favorite. I'm thinking about using stop light colors: green for Calm, yellow for Mild Panic, red for Rage and maybe gray or blue for Exhaustion.

Still working on those colors.

START: March 2nd 2014

So looks like I'm a little late to the party here. Here goes anyway!

I started with the mind map originally. I used one of my own emotions as a starting point but everything eventually lead to "panic attack." So I scrapped that idea.

I got stuck in a major traffic jam just after I started this class. Angry people were all around me! Everyone trapped in their metal and plastic boxes on a vast stretch on concrete with lots of other angry people! Traffic can turn a normal person into a lunatic! A person who started the morning with a nice cup of coffee suddenly has the capacity to reach through window glass and punch an old woman and her dog after the dog flips off another driver. Until finally, a destination is reached and one can comiserate with fellow humans on how bad the traffic is.

And that's where I developed the Four Stages of Traffic Jam Grief: Calm, Mild Panic, Rage Blackout, Exhaustion

More to come.


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