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Four Songs / Four Emotions / One Color Scheme

Since music is so effective at communicating emotion (and often times a strong subject matter), I've chosen four songs to illustrate.  Here are two, with their respective emotions.

Song: Iron and Wine - "Grass Widows"

Emotion: Awe

"Like we finally saw the colors of the world" is the main line repeated throughout this song.  Whenever I hear it, I imagine a creature crawling out of its dark den to see the sun for the first time.  My concept is a black widow (or similar spider) crawling out on a blade of grass, stunned to see a sunset for the first time.  His eyes reflect the colors all around him.  

Initial design!  This is my second piece of this series.  I'm not 100% sold on it, but I feel like it's getting close to where I want it to be.  The font feels a little too soft.  

Song: Shovels and Rope - "Carnival"

Emotion: Longing

Shovels and Rope are known more for their upbeat, folk/country songs, but this is a rare melancholy tune by them.  It has a dreamlike feel to it... like thinking back to childhood memories.  My concept is a carousel suspended in a dream or night sky with various animals in place of the horses.  

Initial design!  Here's a version I've been playing with.  I've also attached the color scheme I've developed so far.  Would love any and all feedback on the scheme / concept...


Color Scheme:


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