Four Horsemen Character Sketch

Four Horsemen Character Sketch - student project

Background Mentor
Goal: To correct his mistake
Flaw: Inability to put the past behind
Age: ancient
Sex: male
Height: roughly 6'2"
Weight: 230 lbs
Race: white
Hair Color: darkest brown, wavy, touches his shoulders
Eyes: soulful brown, basset-hound droopy
Grooming: well-groomed facial hair, normally clean unless coming back from a hunt
Clothing: dark colors, preferably black, leather coat, boots, leather necklace with runic charm
Health Issues: none, immortal
Physical abilities: superhuman senses, advanced dexterity, agility, stamina, and strength
Magical Abilities: telekinesis, teleportation, healing, flight (with wings), shapeshifting, spirit vision, controlling the weather, mind control, telepathy, empathic, mind manipulation, vocal suggestion, mimic,
Speech: a creamy tenor, a combination accent that is undefinable, British is the closest
Parents: was not born, was created by 'The Maker'
Siblings: Famine, War, Conquest
Friends: Milo, the Guardian of Pandora's Box (first cursed vampire)
Enemies: Famine, War, Conquest, Shadows
Pets: an immortal pure white cat that was once a skeletal horse
Residence: has no specific home, dwells within a community compound hidden within the forest near Copperton, Utah.
Neighborhood: The quaint city of Copperton, Utah.
Cultural Background: Was created before man for the sole purpose of bringing in the apocalypse. Has lived for thousands of years, has seen and heard things beyond mortal comprehension, and has experienced many different cultures.
Religion (and attitudes on religion): Believes in 'The Maker' (god), is resentful for his creation, like a spiteful child towards a strict parent
Memberships: Shadow Slayers, The Human Nexus (a network of humans and mages who help Shadow Slayers)
Schooling: Has attended several different universities over the centuries to learn about current 'cultural norms'
Attitude towards school: feels it's important, encourages school attendance to all
Popularity: is revered among his peers, seen as a leader, is hated and spawns jealously from his enemy siblings
Mentors: 'The Maker'
Heroes: Any and all who overcome all opposition and keeping their humanity after being infected with the vampiric curse.
Favorite Sports: not all that interested
Work experience: N/A
Hobbies: trains younger Shadow Slayers, reads books, cooks, cleans, checks on other Shadow Slayers, heals the wounded, guides the Shadow Slayers and The Nexus
Likes and Dislikes (music, movies, TV, books, etc.):
> Likes:
Books: anything, no preference
Music: jazz, classical, soft pop
TV: only interested in the news
Food: Spicy foods like Jalapenos, ghost peppers, etc.
Smells: coconut and pineapple
> Dislikes:
Books: incorrect historical textbooks
Music: country, rap, screamo
TV: incorrect documentaries on history
Food: fish, seafood
Smells: maple syrup (too sweet)
Fears: that his identity will be discovered, that his brothers will trigger his instincts and bring about the apocalypse
Dreams: about a woman's tragic, bloody death. He has never seen her before
Life Goals: to rid the world of Shadows and fix all those his actions has affected negatively
Nervous habits: paces when agitated, clasps his hands behind his back when walking/pacing
Foibles: can stay awake for months at a time, but must sleep for 24 hours straight when his energy runs low. Needs to eat regularly. Needs to absorb moonlight through his wings.
Reasoning Style: logical, tactful, thinks like a king (the many over the few)
How would your character's friends describe him?:
Annoyingly all-knowing, charming, logical, understanding, humble, incredibly powerful, easy going, likes to tease, handsome, old-school
Is your character bold or shy? Bold, he doesn't have the luxury of being shy
Talkative or Taciturn? Somewhere in between, he talks when necessary and listens when necessary
What most irritates, embarrasses, or bores your character? Younger vampires pushing their limits beyond what they can handle, anyone messing with his people, unnecessary cruelty, incorrect historical teachings, predictable romance novels
How would your character complete the sentence “My life is full of idiots whom I wouldn't trade the world for.”
Other things I thought of while filling out this form:
Jaycob was forced into opening Pandora's box by a combined effort of his 3 brothers in order to release Hope from her captivity. They felt it was the only way to stop humans before they destroyed the planet. He did not agree with his brother's views and fought the mind control, ultimately releasing pain and suffering onto humanity, as well as the bane of the Shadows and the Vampiric curse, both of which were unforeseen consequences of Pandora's box not being opened when it was intended.