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Four Forty Five

Four Forty Five

Our apartment is filled with many strange things. So I think the hardest part of this project was choosing an item to show.

Ultimately I decided it'd be better to take pictures of something with a little more sentimental value and so I picked this pocketwatch. It was given to me a long time ago as a present from my grandparents who knew I had been searching antique shops for one. They wanted me to have one a little more special - so had my intials engraved on the front. Though it stopped ticking quite some time ago, I still keep it at my desk.

Shallow Depth of Field:

Close Up (Though also shallow depth of field):

With Other Objects:

Human Element:

Thanks for checking out my project! This was a nice class and forced me to step out of my element a little. I am a product photographer full time but it is rare that I really get to play around with the objects I photograph. It was great to take a new perspective and play with natural light a little.

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