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Aleia Walker

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Foundry Communications Consulting

I am currently a communications consultant and I am working on creating my visual identity to help expand my business past word of mouth. I am primarily a business writer and have been working with start-ups so I wanted something expressive, but still able to work in a corporate environement. I also value simplicity and understated elegance, so I like to stick to type heavy, 2-3 color logos. These are the initial sketches that I came up with.

I always intended to find a type for "communications consulting" so their presence in the above sketches are just placeholders. I appreciated A,D, the E's, and F for different reasons and decided to move on with them.

I mostly like how these came out. I feel the D's could be pushed farther, but I'm not sure if they could have fit the aesthetic I was looking for. C is simple, but I think almost too simple, so I am basically somewhere between the A's and the B's. I definitely prefer B1 to B2, but I think A is my first choice. 

I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas you all have as I move forward!

Thank you!


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