Foundation Bites (Yum!)

James Brown Camel Walk (0:44). I chose this because it's how I'd like to enter most rooms:

Silva (Elbow Uppercut into Celebration Twirl [probably 2 moves]). I'm a fighter and I remember when I met Anderson Silva and he pulled this up on Youtube to show another fighter he was helping prepare for his bout. I have always been struck by the creativity of his instinct and the power of his grace:

Massai (:48 seconds). I spend a lot of energy, time, and love in east Africa. Nobody does an elegant hop like the Massai:

Latvian Air Dervish (1:56). I liked the way they almost lazily and methodically twirl through the air. It's an unexpected surprise. I chose Latvia because the not-for-profit I started taught a great journalism program there:

Haka (1:50). I heard the Maori chant and it sank into me before I ever saw the Haka and when I thought about John's instructions to find something that resonated and to bite a certain move I thought the Maori Haka should be have a place:


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