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Foul Play

After a few rounds of audacity this came out, generating tones and waveforms to make patterns is pretty cool, will continue mixing dual channel audio later.

So everyone's work has gotten me inspired, and really interested in figuring out the Syntax and structure of the files. I tried working with single pixel images to make the code shorter to scroll through, found that I like the tiff code better you can kinda see the pattern in it.

1x1 to small (so far) and 32x32px image is to fragile I keep breaking the file. So I went with a 300x300px image and continued to just fiddle with find and replace a bit more. so this is changing " L " and MMMM, or PPPP with BOOBS, or GGALLEN, and HEX bits of the same. Its kinda funny to put in weird TEXT changes, I got kinda silly with emote Icons as well just for fun, some symobls will break I'm sure the * and ~ are controling something other than color. still playing with my new fav GIMP, this is fun!

maor fidde'n

First attempt was, with a random photo and just started find and replacing. found some strucutres of the content that cant be changed, opps

this has been pretty fun, I started switching $ for ¢ and  for † glyph pun. Don't try to switch X for 0 no one likes that.


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