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Fotoshoot + Moodboard

Hi All,

I finally managed to make some pictures with friends, which I hope you like. I found it really hard to work with a person instead of a product. :-) After making a lot of pictures and putting my model at ease I got the hang of it (a little). Sometimes it's realy about a tiny change in look or position that suddenly makes the picture. Ánd I thought I needed sunshine (which is rare this tima a year) to make good pictures, but the overcast sky really worked out. And last but not least: I thought my hometown was a bit boring to make urban pictures, but you just need one building ore a nice wall to make a good picture. Interesting!

Please let me know what you think.

Greetings, Mariëlle

PS. I made these pictures with my Samsung Galaxy NoteII


Hi all,

As I was scrolling through my Pinterest Pages I saw all kinds of possibilities, so I made three moodboards (I could do this all day...). That probably means I didn't find an exact style yet, but I'm working on it.

For a fashion shoot I'm looking for a cool urban look and feel. I'm planning on opening my own online shop with handmade accessories (like bags and bracelets), so I tried to incorporate fashion pictures that accentuate these. Did I succeed?

The city that I live in (in the Netherlands) isn't that exciting for a foot shoot, but I think it's a nice challenge to find some 'urban' looking material anyway. In 2 weeks I'll be flying to London, so I hope to make some amazing pictures over there!

Greetings from Holland,



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