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Fostering creativity

Recently I relinquished my position as Costume Coordinator at a local school here in Queensland, Australia. I was part of an amazing team who created and produced wonderful productions with primary school students.

The leader of this team was Jill Green who is also the Senior Music Teacher... Jill has inspired me to create wonderful costumes and explore my creative "out there" ideas.

Everyday she inspires students to do their absolute best and to be larger than life in music and drama. The kids are drawn to her and respect her ability, advice and wonderful talents. You would think that such an amazing person would be very confident and "out there" herself, but Jill is very humble and only agreed to be my subject for this proect because I asked her.

This is her story. It is also a story of how wonderful it is to be supported by an amazing leader who is not afraid to take on ideas and run with them.

I have put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to make sure that this project does justice to Jill and I hope it is another way I can say "thank you" for being Jill Green and to demonstrate how glad I am to have her as a part of my life.



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