Foster Creativity at workplace

Class Description:

Creativity is inherently disruptive. It's the burst and spark of a new idea so brilliant that it interrupts whatever you’re doing just so you can get it onto paper. It is not easy for productivity and creativity to co-exist easily. They both have to be balanced and nurtured in a way that can help creativity lead to productivity. Creativity can’t be quantified, it can’t be measured, it is simply what it is. But if we learn to use it at our workplace, it can create wonders and has the capacity to take you to a total different level of leadership and success. 

In this course I have discussed  ways with which fostering creativity in your organization leads to productivity

Class Project :

How did you foster creativity in your work place? What change did you bring in your work habit and what problems did you solve creatively at your work place? Please share your valuable experience so that others can learn and benefit from it

Introduction Video:

Class Outline:





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