Fortune - student project

The word that was randomly generated for me was fortune.
After a brief mind mapping exercise I opted for anillustration of a genie lamp in a place full of treasures, from which a "family is fortune" phrase is coming out. The thumbnail sketches helped me block the composition and I had a preference for a circular one with the main elements overflowing. I worked from Photoshop in a pastel style for the final piece.
I am quite pleased with the results; I managed to work in a complementary colour scheme, which is very out of my comfort zone.

Thank you Yasmina for this wonderfully efficient class! As a graphic designer and aspiring illustrator, it helped me go back to basics to push my work one step further!Fortune - image 1 - student projectFortune - image 2 - student project

Amélie-Maude Bergeron
Graphic designer | Artist | Illustrator