Form & Space

Form & Space - student project

Hello Brent! And thank you once again for a wonderful course.
This one was challenging for sure, but really rewarding, as I know sometimes structure and perspective can make or break ones illustrations.


During the process of drawing many ellipses and cylinders I noticed I instinctively tilt the page towards my dominant hand to draw straight lines, as it is very challenging to draw consistent lines and shapes from other angles, but I assume this will come with practice, and maybe having a more spacious drawing setup.

Form & Space - image 1 - student project


These project gave me quite a bit of mileage, and while I don't feel like I master drawing the basic volumes, I feel like I'm getting better at noticing the mistakes in proportions, which has to be somewhat valuable for observational drawing.

Form & Space - image 2 - student project

Form & Space - image 3 - student project

Form & Space - image 4 - student project

Form & Space - image 5 - student project

This last one is a Bic ballpoint pen from up close.


I also had an incredibly hard time drawing the free hand cubes in three point perspective, specially with a non-horizontal horizon, and took me a couple weeks to go from the first page to the second one.

Form & Space - image 6 - student project

Form & Space - image 7 - student project

Form & Space - image 8 - student project

Still now I feel like they turn out a bit skewed or overly dramatic, as I'm having a hard time visualizing the vanishing points far out from the page.


My organic subject this time was a pear.

Form & Space - image 9 - student project

Form & Space - image 10 - student project


My last observation is that I noticed I wasn't properly measuring the size of the handles when the cup was foreshortened, which led to a huge gap in between itself and the rim/bottom. My suspicion is that this has to do with drawing with my intuition and the canonical perspective thing, instead of carefully observing the subject, so I'll have to work on that, hopefully on the next course.Form & Space - image 11 - student project

Form & Space - image 12 - student project


Form & Space - image 13 - student project

Form & Space - image 14 - student project

Form & Space - image 15 - student project


Once again thank you for the lessons and I will be excited to tackle the next course while practicing more of these basic concepts.