Form Good Habits

Form Good Habits - student project

This app will be designed to help you develop positive habits. Ever wanted to develop habits that are good for you? Things that once seemed difficult intigrated into your life as a consistent, solid, second-nature habit?

Instead of aimlessly attempting to keep track of things you want to do in the back of your head, this app will help you choose and consistently complete habitual tasks that will improve your life. The UI will help you pick out habits that you've always wanted to try, or maybe even ones you hadn't heard of but are suddenly inspired to do. It will provide you with daily reminders and checklists to make sure you completed your daily actions in order to make these flaky tasks more concrete in your instinctive nature. The habit-forming techniques we suggest are based on the latest psychology research.

The habits we suggest range in difficulty and are geared towards specific areas of your life (e.g. health/fitness, productivity, spirituality, social skills).  Our users will answer a few basic questions in order to tailor a plan according to thier needs and desires.

Essentially the app will help your form positive habits that will not only improve your own mood and lifestyle in countless ways, but it will also indirectly benefit the people around you.