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Forgotten Quote

This is a quote that has been tumbling around in my brain for months. I read it somewhere, but I cannot remember where. I loved it because I don't believe in god so much, but I do feel a sense of sacred connection and this phrase captures that feeling. In recognizing what we love, what we long for, we see who we are and feeling that desire somehow makes me feel connected to everything. I wish I knew where the words came from, so if you know, please tell me!

Here are some practice sheets:

Playing with separating and spacing the letters.

Layout in pencil.

Decided the word "wanting" needed to be larger and a little more flowy.

After writing it so many times the words sounded awful and ridiculous... finally decided to be finished.

I loved this class and this project. It really forced me to focus and pay attention to each stroke, each dip of ink, but still let go and play. I used the Nikko G nib. I couldn't get a much thicker line without pulling fibers out of the paper. Maybe it will loosen up with more use.


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