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Forgiving a City...Seattle WA

Seven years ago my twin brother moved from Santa Cruz, California to Seattle, Washington. He and I are very close and for the first time in our lives we were going to have some real distance between us. I was devastated. Over the years I have only visted twice, always talking him into coming "home" for our times together. As crazy as this sounds I have been resentful of a geographical location. 

Two weeks ago I traveled to Seattle for my third trip. Just before heading up there I had taken this class and had immediatelty seen an opportunity before me. An opportunity to challenge myself to see this big beautiful city for more than just the place that had stolen my brother. 

Inspired by this awesome class and my love for photography, I decided to make a conscious effort to really see this place, he nows calls home, with a new perspective through my lens. It's amazing to me how photography can broaden our horizions, capture and cultivate feelings we didn't even know existed and open our eyes to overlooked treasures. 

This project really helped me let go of certain things, embrace new ones and most importantly to officially forgive Seattle. I will be back...soon...

All images shot on my iphone5. I used VSCOcam, Afterlight, touchRetouch and Snapseed for my edits. 

Thank you for taking a look at my project it was a blast! If you enjoy my photos you can find them and more on my Instagram feed @blisskatopothis

                                                          My People #julybaby

                                                  Beauty at the Ballard Locks


                                                           Seattle Selfie 

                                                         Mermaid Headquarters 

                                                              Gum Wall #Seattle 

                                                        Sticky Business

                                                           Hello Friend 

                                                      Rain or Shine, I'll Be Fine



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