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Anna Lazarescu

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Forget Me Not – A Paper for a Thought

Step 1: Selected Text

I chose “PAPER PILLS” from “Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life“ by Sherwood Anderson. Although there were many, and maybe stronger stories, this one stood out. Because of its lightness and gravity. Because of its acceptance towards the turns life takes. The whole story centers on a man, who has already lost and battled life in his own way but who hasn’t given up. He has his own demons, but also his own methods to lovingly exorcise them. The story radiated warmth and a bitter-sweetness, common to apples, not yet completely ripe, but already sweet and delicious. I felt, I wanted to weave a dense cover around the story, give it the textures and colors not shown in the snippet Anderson decided to choose retelling from Doctor Reefy’s life. I chose to get as close as possible to Reefy, to a much younger self and show how his inside really looks.

Step 2: The Screenplay

It is about DOCTOR REEFY. About how he copes with what he has been left with, after the premature death of his wife – memories, thoughts, and visions:


Step 3: Logline

A Paper for your Thoughts – Love and loss are hard to put into words, hard to leave behind, but a man lets pen and paper speak and finds himself submerged by haunting visions and glowing shining pieces of memory.


I took some steps back from the story and gave the scrawny rather boney tale of the love REEFY found in a much younger woman, breath and flesh. The story is about reminiscence, about the hardship of letting go, about the images of things past, as the power of the memory stays the same. I chose to illustrate REEFYS internal conflicts, visions and moments of hardship. I also wanted to capture the tenderness of what he and his wife shared and what was so hard to understand for the rest of the world. The thinker and introspect met his perfect match in a life-hungry always curious and ardent creature, which by her nature, choose the deepest man, in order to, herself fated an early death, live to the utmost.


I imagine the music to be somewhat similar to the orchestration by Shim Hyeon-jeong, Lee Ji-soo and Choi Seung-hyeon done for Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy”. The short should not be drowned in music or melody, since the imagery has to stand by itself and is already strong enough. However, moments, like REEFY’S nightmares ( and flashbacks ( taking hold of him can be punctuated by some rich and melancholic tunes. Noise and sound in general are more important, I want expressionist sounds like breaths, sighs, buzzing of insects, wings, rustling of clothes and paper, birds chirping, wood creaking. All that in a hyper-realistic way, so that reality and dream melt into each other.

Look and Feel:

The look should be one of warmth and candor when REEFY remembers his wife. Those memories should be flooded by warm light, a buzzing sound of life and nature and fresh, strong colors. Only the moments in which REEFY dreams are desolate, bleak, bare of color and rather monochrome.

It should combine the quality of the imagery in “Never Let me Go by Mark Romanek and the dark, gloomy look of Andrea Arnolds’ “Wuthering Heights”:


Benedict Cumberbatch should play Doctor Reefy in his late 40ies. Why? Because that man has the most expressive hands in human history and because there will be a lot of focus on the character’s hands. In addition, Cumberbatch has mastered silence, which speaks tomes and is able to deliver meaning through a single straining motion of his head. His voice is perfect to lend gravity to his thoughts.

Stacy Martin should play his wife Theresa. She has something radiating fierceness, life and passion from her pores, but she also has a mysteriousness to her, which makes one think of the depth and uncertainty, the volatile nature of life. She is graceful and elegant but unites the quality of strength with that of a fleeting rather hard to grip beauty.


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