Forget About It

Forget About It - student project

Forget About It was created from music sound waves. For this project I grabbed inspiration from the album Nevermind - Nirvana which I transformed the music sound waves into shapes that I could somehow use in a beautiful way. Other inspiration are Klimt's work, Marian Bantjes and Portuguese tiles.


The project was mande basically using HGridLayout and loads of different SVGS and combinations. 


Forget About It - image 1 - student project

Above ye can see how my creative process from the SVG development to Processing.

Forget About It - image 2 - student project

Even after I've gone through Processing I made a few tweaks on IllustratorForget About It - image 3 - student project

> Smells like teen Spirit <


Forget About It - image 4 - student project

> territorial pissings<

Forget About It - image 5 - student project



...I might keep updating it.