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Rachel Anne Francisco

Professional Dreamer




Hello there my Co-Makers!

I am someone who's new to illustration so please bear with my project. :P

Anyhoo, I chose a theme that's close to my heart. The subdivision, me and my family used to live, has streets named after flowers, that's why I chose one (and will choose the others for the collection). I never saw an actual Verbena in my entire life! That's why I just searched for photos in Google Images. I created a mood board below and picked colors. I won't use all of it in my pattern tho, but I'll play with the combinations from those (since I cannot take my own photo).


As instructed by Miss Bonnie, I created 10-15 sketches. I don't draw by hand and I'm not good in illustrating. But I learned this is very fun to do! :D I might do the daily illustration practice from now on. :) I don't have a lightbox and I just used my phone's camera for my sketches.




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