Forever Gold

Forever Gold - student project

Whats going on everyone? My name is Nick Bellaro. I currently reside in Boston, MA. I like long walks on the beach, serendaing my lady with Marvin Gaye, collecting vinyl, B Rated Horror Films, and Gluten Free Pizza! 

I own and opperate a small brand called Forever Gold out of my 8'x8' bedroom. I do majority of the design work, but have had lots of help in my early months from the newest JC designer Dale M! 

Here is some past work Dale and I did, as well as a collab with Craig Roccanova! 

Forever Gold - image 1 - student projectForever Gold - image 2 - student projectForever Gold - image 3 - student projectForever Gold - image 4 - student projectForever Gold - image 5 - student project

Recently FGC has taken a turn from more playful designs, to doing some cool cut & sew items relesing this summer, some hats, and some more mature graphic work. I actually am a HUGE fan of a fellow student heres work. Edgar R! He recently designed a piece dropping this summer. 

For my project I am aiming to take some inspiration from him and blend it into Forever Gold. I am going to be working on a California Gold Rush themed tee. Really old school cartoony vibe