Vera Poshivay

Illustrator, graphic designer



Forest themed pattern

I've been thinking about trying patterns for a long time and this class was a great start for me. I may get back to the icons that I created for this project and re-think the pattern.

I started by painting some tiny plants in watercolor.


I scanned them and cut them out (I used Magnetic Lasso Tool and Eraser instead of the Pen as I wanted to keep the edges softer)



I picked out some of the icons to create a pattern. I realise now that organising a pattern around a bigger, more important objects (like the foxes in Sandra's example) makes it a little easier. In my case all the objects had similar value, so I was confused a little bit at the beginning.

I finally came to an aggangement that worked for me. I had to ajust some of the objects to make the seams go away. My final patterns look like this:



I am satisfied with what I acieved, Thank you Sandra for sharing your process!


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