Forest flowers - mixing botanical illustrations and typography

I wasn't very original. just did what Evgenya did.



So I googled some nice pics and cleaned their background...


and created nice background for my art.

I was amazed how good it looked even without any changing of the colors - I really like those botanical pictures!

Then I added text based on the atmosphere I felt when looking at the created picture - 'forest' was the word:).

Since I was already working and this project was quick break from the main work, I didn't have time to search for some new fonts, so I chose the one I already have. I think, out there there is one more suitable font for this background, but this could be worthy replacement.

To cover the letters with plants, I used mask and copy-paste.


So far I was happy with result, but I wanted more life in picture so I ad texture and yellow color to it.


And finally I got this:




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