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Forest cabin

As a quick introduction, I often sketch with just pencil and paper, that's my preferred and quickest way to sketch. But I also like ink and the aesthetics of black and white, I used to do mostly micron pens, I experimented a little with a few other brush pens then I found Yuko's work online and I knew that proper brush work was the next step for me. So here's my project and the process.

It all started with this original image by Bethany Marie (bethanymarieco on Instagram), as soon as I saw this I knew I had to draw it

I made a pencil sketch first. Pencil feels natural to me, I knew how I would draw this before I even started. But as I worked on this I had no idea how I would translate to ink

I have to mention that between the pencil sketch and the inking I practised with other pictures, drawing directly with ink. I tried watercolour brushes because they gave me good control over the line, but I was very tempted by Japanese brushes too. I have to admit they're not easy, I'm still getting used to them. You can see the uneven line for example on the tree bark on the right. But they're much more versatile than watercolour brushes. Eventually, as I get better with Japanese brushes I think I could do a picture like this one with a single brush, from the thinnest line to the thickest including the wash.

So here's the inking.

I thought I'd make a light wash for the back because the contrast was too strong in black and white alone.

Here's a detail


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