Forest Spirit Timelapse

Forest Spirit Timelapse - student project

I've always admired timelapse videos on Instagram, but haven't worked up the courage to post one myself. Glad this class pushed me to make one! I have to admit: knowing the video would be published made me feel a lot of pressure as I was working, but it was really fun to watch the playback!

I decided to remake an illustration I created a few months ago.

The Original:

Forest Spirit Timelapse - image 1 - student project

I made this when I first started using Adobe Illustrator. While I like the simplicity of the design, I thought it could use some whimsical touches!

The Revamp:

Forest Spirit Timelapse - image 2 - student project

This time, I drew the little stump in Procreate. I'm still relatively new to the program, but I love how he turned out!

The Timelapse:

And there's my timelapse! You can see all the times I tried new techniques and kept changing my mind.

Thanks for walking us through your process, Vashti! It was really helpful to see how someone works from start to finish.