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Forest Sounds

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to start creating my own patterns and would appreciate any feedback! I know it's going to be a learning process but every attempt counts.

So for my first pattern I just wanted to create a basic forest-y theme. Mushrooms are kind of my jam. (I'm actually surpirsed how few mushrooms made it into the final pattern! Haha, I think I tried to keep them to a minimum and it ended up really minimal) I started by searching for reference. (Of which, litterally 3/4's are mushrooms) I didnt create a mood board, just a folder with images. A moodboard with colors, motifes and specific images would probably be helpful in the future, though.

Here are some of the sketches I did:


After that I brought them into Illustrator and started to trace! (Thank you, Elizabeth, for the recomendation of an Illustrator class. It's been a while and that refresher was just what I needed)


Then I just started to assemble! It was a little weird feeling, and now that I've done it I have more of an idea of the type of 'assets" I should create at the start to make a flowing pattern. But I just worked with what I had, kind of eager to see how it would all work out.

After a lot of color tweaking and testing I came up with these three "color ways"


Aaand since I was excited that I didnt completely hate them (art school issues :p) I mocked 'em up on a couple zazzle products.


I'm excited to keep trying and better understanding how this all works together. I can't wait to start my next pattern! (And create sub patterns for this one. I like how multiple patterns work together)

Next I'm thinking Jellyfish >:)

So, thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this awesome class! It was really informative and I had so much fun! Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)


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