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Forest Shaman

Hello to all the likeminded artists enrolled in this class! Pleased to meet you (and I guess I'll do so through crits, comments and feedback). I already feel a kinship with you guys because we all chose to take this class. Its my first with Skillshare, and I jumped at the opportunity for lessons at an interactive level with Charlie Bowater as class instructor. Really looking forward to seeing everyones work.

So, I tossed around a couple ideas for character theme, and ultimately decided on a shaman. An angry, shaman of the woods. My goal is to depict a sense of rage in the character. This character is completely connected with nature, almost lost in a sense, with a bitterness toward the cultured masses. Thats really all I'm going with at this point. In the end, my goal is to clearly display a strong sense of emotion with the final design. Brooding hatred or a primal madness. First step attached. I feel some of these thumb silhouettes represent my end goal better than others, but.. there thumbs, so I'm interested to know what you guys think.

Update below- refined thumbs.

--- --- ---


I decided to go with the third stance in the refined thumbs group above. To me, it conveyed the mood and energy I was looking to achieve with this character. The hardest part about creating the alternate costumes and styles is that I didn't want to stop. She could have any number of shaman-chic accessories (heads, bone knives, teeth necklaces- whatevers in vogue this season). I'll probably continue to add more in the final stage. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to feedback and checking in on the other projects.



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