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Antwan Jermaine

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Forest Princess

I am a new photographer to the game. Ive been shooting a little over a year. I love the feeling of being in control over my own work. So thats why I picked up photography. I love taking pictures and love capturing moments in life that people can relate to, I am mainly a urban / automotive photographer and wanted to try something new to see if I have what it takes to shoot models.

So my good friend Xiomara (z-o-mar-a) came into town and I asked if she would like to go out and shoot with me, she was happy to try and help me out.

Yes I live in So Cal but due to the lack of a vehicle at the moment I didnt have much to work with so we walked to the local park to do a test shoot. We found this tree that she wanted to climb and work with (thats where she gets the nickname Forest Princess, super hippy :) so I told her to go for it.

I know I still have alot to learn and would like some constructive criticism on what I can improve on. Also I dont like editing much but I did enough to go with the feel of the scene.

Thanks Everyone.






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