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Forest Guardian Concept


This is my first uploaded project, and I'm 12 years old, and looking into focusing on Concept art mainly for games, and I'm hoping to work for Bioware, as they make amazing games! I love playing video games (if you can't tell). therefore my Forest Gaurdian Concept was inspired from the game Skyrim (Woot woot!) and this amazing and informational tutorial, along with my favorite music. A quick concept thrown together in one night. Hope you like it! Sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes if there are any.

Diet: This type of dragon does not eat, as it does not have a mouth. It gathers its nutrients from being in the forest itself.

Personality: Though friendly when causing no harm to Nature, this beast can be extremely territorial and agressive if you cause damage to their home or animals. If you have any intentions of cutting down trees, hunting, or walking in the forest carelessly, you'd best rethink. 

Color: Their color can vary from a dark Oak brown, to a pale Aspen white, depending on the forest region's tree type. Green and amber tints are often found through their skin, which is entirely made of wood.

Appearence: The Forest Gaurdian is a unique type of dragon (Yes- I said dragon), with two large arched horns that serve as both protection and appeal. The neck is curved and thick, which concludes to a large jewel like object in the center of its chest.  This emerald, amber, dark blue, or white jewel serves as ears almost, allowing the dragon to sense vibrations around the area. If a harmful intentioned human was around, the jewel would pick up the vibrations made by them, giving the Gaurdian a chance to find and eliminate them. Jewels like this, except smaller, can be found where to ribcage would be. These are often used by mages to forge powerful staves and weapons, and can be crushed into powder to be consumed as a magic enrichment. Damaging or breaking any of these stones can leave the dragon permanently paralyzed or even suddenly kill them. With hoof like feet and hands, the hoof is made of gold, and helps the creature balance with the heavy wooden body. At the elbows and knees can be found curved and serrated blades which are used to kill anyone or thing harming Nature without a reason to. At the end of their life span, these fall off. If you are studying Gaurdians, you will be able to tell if one is coming to end if it has no blades, and the natural glow of the eye has ceased. This is the only way you will know if the dragon is aged. The short tail ends with leaves and grass protruding from it, which can eventually begin to grow over the entire body. The eys vary in size, usually a sharp almond shape, and possess an unatural glow from all colors imaginable, and dims as time passes by. The snout it curved and beak like, yet having no mouth, and also leading to the two enourmous horns on top of its head. 

Rarity: Forest Gaurdians are extremely rare, usually only 1 or two per forest. Though prefering endangered forest regions or cleared forests, these wooden dragons can watch over any forest.

Purpose: They only know one and only one purpose; to protect natural forests with their lives. They will kill any who dare harm their homes and its inhabitants. 

Element: Wood, Nature, Grass, Stone, and Earth

Size and Weight: Forest Gaurdians usually range from the size of a pony, to a bear. Weighing from 50 lbs to 200, they can easily take down any foe, and manuever their way through the forest, despite their natural stiffness.


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