Forest Garden Maiden

I was on an airplane ride for a few hours, so I decided to try out the principles I learned in this class. Because I was trapped for a few hours in what was effectively a sensory isolation chamber, I built up this drawing bit by bit with no references. 

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any step-by-step photos because the drawing didn't seem very promising when I started out. 


I followed the steps in this class by starting with the very basic human shape in pencil. Then I just had some fun with the clothing, creating a fun imaginary dress. Then I inked the outline with a black Sakura Gelly Roll 06 pen. Erased the pencil with my plastic eraser. Then I painted in the colors using my travel watercolor set and a water pen. I added in the background and finally the flowers and watering can. Oh, and her shoulders were kinda messed up, so I drew in a cape (which I now love) to hide the mistake. I used a white gel pen to add some finishing highlights.


 Here is my travel art set. It's super small and portable, which allows me to try to take it everywhere. The travel watercolors also fit in the bag, but they somehow got separated and are still in my suitcase.

My favorite part of this class was feeling empowered to try something new and purely imaginative. It turned out better than I'd imagined it could (although there's still lots of room for improvement!). I also think I came up with a new character, which I might write into a story. I love the idea of her being some supernatural forest creature that helps flowers grow. I might try drawing her a few more times, but with a human reference to make the pose more natural. She's kind of stiff and just standing there.

Thanks again for this great and empowering class!


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