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Forest Fantasy

I love cutouts especially silohuette, so I am creating more of fantasy than a dream. I drew an image with with a princess character ina forest, full of fireflies.

Here is the sketch and illustrator image. I am working on getting it into AE, so more to come.


A closeup of the illustrator file. I may go back and refine to bring in some of the original sketch details but I thought it would be best to get the paper cut process completed and save that for the next piece.

I will probably replace the circles with shapes that look more like real fireflies.


OK. Couldn't make the the contest deadline but I'll keep going til I'm done.  It looks so great with the paper textures applied! I Have some layers that I'll need to seperate further such as the leaves, grass and trees becuase they need to be different colours but I'm excited to be one step closer to completion.


Finally! I've added some shadows and a bit of movement.  I plan to go back in and fix the camera flash when I can isolate that problem. You can watch the video on Vimeo after June 6th.

UPDATE: I animated the fireflies and added a few other touches.

Great class, Jake.


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