Forest App

Hi everyone! I was really excited to do this project because I really wanted to learn how to get that gritty texture that I see in so many designs and illustrations that inspire me. I love that it's all computer generated, too. So simple.


The app I chose to design an ad for is called Forest. It's essentially the Pomodoro Technique in tree form. At the beginning of each session, you plant a seed. If you leave your phone alone for the entirety of the session, a little tree grows. If you don't, your tree wilts and becomes a sad little stick. After completing multiple Pomodoros, you hopefully have created a little forest! It's a pretty cute little take on the Pomodoro idea.


Here's my initial sketch for the layout. I was originally thinking about going to a more 70's vibe with the multi-line font, but ultimately decided against it. Instead of the trees being in the foreground, I thought it would be a better idea to incorporate a treeline into the background. Trying not to see the forest for the trees! (Too easy, that joke.)


Here's the design I started with. I had fun switching up the fonts to emphasize certain words. (Just ignore that typo. I fixed it before it left Illustrator.)


Went with the knockout approach, except for the "Get Focused... with Forest!" because I couldn't seem to get Illustrator to do a proper knockout of those words.


And here's the final image! Really, happy with how it turned out. However, since I was using Photoshop CS 5.5, I couldn't create a clipping mask on the groups. I think my older version treats groups differently than Ps CC does. I ended up just creating another Smart Object with all the necessary layers and applied the clipping mask to that. Worked perfectly.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading about my project. And thanks Jamie for sharing your secrets with us! I had a lot of fun.


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