Foreign Mean Cuisine

Foreign Mean Cuisine - student project

I was sitting here thinking of ideas. I made a map of things many things i could do and then it came to me that i love food, and i can't imagine life or sometimes even a couple hours without it.

Coming from Bosnia (Europe)  it isn't unsual to catch me and my family roasting a lamb, soaking bread in the salty skin and on occasion I tear off a hanging juicy piece of meat before its done cooking. Its definently a guilty pleasure, and im fine with that. I decided to forget about my idea of doing oceanic badges and follow my heart. Here is a picture of some things i came up with for the time being. They are mainly simple dishes including fruit, veggies, meat, desert and etc (btw i apologize for my crappy quality but an android phone has to do for now).

Im thinking for my final project I would like to include some dishes from my home country because i know they are unique in the way they look and taste. I cant wait to see where this goes.

Here's a Preview

Foreign Mean Cuisine - image 1 - student project