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Foreign Features



Foreign Features

Name: Dan $padaro

Brand: Foreign Features




Tagline: Champagne Attire 

Location: Havertown, PA

About Foreign Features..

Foreign Features is Shit to Drink Champagne in..

Fine materials and top grade construction come together to produce fits suited for a king. Using

embroidery/stitching for designs clothing accessories (I.E: tags), along with cut and sew

construction, Foreign Features feels like royalty. 


Gold Lion Style. Beautiful but if fear is sensed the Gold Lion will tear your lame ass up.


My name is Dan $padaro, I'm 17 years old, 18 August 7, going into my senior year of highschool. I'm from

a small town outside of Philly called Havertown. I've been about the same stuff ever since The Cool Kids 

came around. Their music turned me on to a bunch of cool shit since my town is kind of boxy. I've had 

ideas for different clothing lines since 8th grade. Letting myself mature and discover some true


I decided to start one. A couple big influences are the song and video Foreign Features by Sir Michael 

Rocks, Curren$ys mixtape takeover, and Dom Kennedys From The WestSide With Love.

+ Upload photoStage: 

Product: Right now I do not have any product out. I have samples coming in a week or two but as far 

as product to sell, nothing will be for sale for at least another three months. I am also randomly 

releasing product throughout this year into summer 2014.

Description: Black hoodie with Foreign Features stiched across the torso. The pull strings have gold metal plates as eylits. 

Description: 100% egyptian cotton shirt with embroidered logo on chest.

                Description: Micromesh shorts with pockets. Embroidered cronw logo on knee.

Description: Cashmere / silk socks with embroidered crown logo above ankle.

More online sketches will be added daily from the vault and pictures of actual product is coming soon.


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