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Hazel Marie Bala-Zanconi

Creative Director



Foraging in Puako, Hawaii

Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, our dad used to take us to the shores of Puako to fish and forage at around 4PM.  We'd take a cooler for our catch along with jar of wasabi, a bag of lemons, bottles of sesame seed oil, soy and vinegar.  Since my dad was the only who was good at net fishing, we brought along a hunting knife and matches to barbecue the fish our dad caught.  Meanwhile, we had great joy running after soft shell crabs and opihi, a type of shell fish that happens to be a delicacy.

I returned to this same shore twenty years later.  

There are no more fishes like the ones my dad caught, as locals pointed out.  There are more million dollar beachfront properties that were built.  The soft shell crabs and opihis are smaller than I used to remember. 

I did manage to find this fancy pupu shell which is not edible unfortunately.  


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