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Forage and Supply: Becoming my own boss

Hi, I'm Mische. I was a menswear designer in the super fast paced world of London fashion for six years before i decided to 'live the dream' and follow my own Wonderlust to Vancouver, BC. I have been in the gorgeous North West of Canada for 10 months now and have found full time work as a backpack and accessory designer here.

I love designing. I believe it is what i am meant to be doing with my life. I do, however, long to design for myself, for my brand and my customers. I also want to get my hands dirty again and get more involved in the making process.

I have, there fore, since knowing i was leaving the security of my London job, been plotting and planning ways in which i can see my ideas through to fruition. From training in silversmith to buying a vintage singer sewing machine. i wish to develop my skills in business in order to one day, soon, open the doors (be them online doors) to my store. Inspired by home wear, surroundings, keep sakes and belongings and less about fast fashion and disposable apparel.

Learning from my green neighborhood i ensure that all my products are made as natuarly as possible, my own vegetable and fruit dyes on recycled fabric. I search my city for fabric that would other wise be wasted and i reuse and up-cycle it into a new life.

I forage and, hopefully soon, i will supply.


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