ForPlay Spray - A new and different male beauty product

ForPlay Spray - A new and different male beauty product - student project

We created a new male beauty product that helps to relieve a problem that every man faces: sweat, odor, and discomfort in their region down under.

The Story

A few years ago we won a national marketing competition hosted by L'Oreal by creating a revolutionary male beauty product concept: ball spray. All men have the issue of becoming sweaty, smelly, and uncomfortable throughout the day in their region down under, particularly after physical activity or in hot and humid climates. We've finally decided to make this concept a reality. Currently we have prototypes of the spray and have been testing them for over a month. We are now currently working with designers on packaging before launch. The original product design was for an oval shaped aerosol container. However, we are moving to a more standard/traditional cylinder aerosol container for our first product run.

The original product concept was designed for Diesel, and we called it ForPlay. The original name both hints at a spray that allows you to always be free to have fun and not worry about your discomfort, while also having a sexual connotation that fits in line with the Diesel man's lifestyle. We ARE open to a name change, as we will be launching this product separately from Diesel.

Some words that describe our product:
Pushing the boundaries

Anthony Tumbiolo
Managing Partner at JAKT